Risk assessment





Direct costs &       Incorrect invoicing                  At each council meeting a list of  invoices                None

Expenses               Incorrect cheque for               awaiting payment is distributed to members

                                Payment                                                    Cheques are checked by councillors against

    invoices and  signed by two signatories. Cheque

   stubs are also initialled by one councillor.


Debts                      Loss of income from              Unpaid invoices are pursued by Clerk                         None

                                unpaid invoices   


Charges                 Payment of charges                Charges for Lease of land are paid                              None

Payable                                                                     annually following receipt of invoice


Charges                 Receipt of rentals                      The Parish Council receives income                            Review

Receivable            fees, hire charges                      in respect of allotments, sports pitches,                      fees, hire

                                                                                     and grazing land.                                                            charges

     Allotments – Formal Agreements are                         and rentals

     signed and held by Clerk.  Invoices for                      annually

     rents issued annually in November.

     Register of holders and payments made held

     by Clerk and Chairman

     Football/cricket pitches – MVH organise Pitch       

     Hire and inform Clerk of usage.                                   

     Invoices issued monthly by Clerk.                               

     Land rental – Clerk issues invoice annually


Best Value            Overspending                           Where possible, more than one quotation for            Review any

                                                                                    any substantial work required or goods.                     regular

                                                                                    Major contract services – formal tenders sought.     Contracts


- 2 -

 Subject                 Risk identified                          Management/Control of risk                                 Action req’d


Salaries/                 Incorrect rates paid                 Only one employee – The Clerk                                   Annual  

Expenses               NI or TAX wrong                    Salary  - rates agreed at start of employment            Salary 

                                Expenses over claimed           Tax and NI calculated using on-line scales                                Review

                                                                                    Clerk has contract of employment

    Expenses -  itemised list with accompanying

    receipts submitted to Parish Council for

    approval prior to payment


VAT                       Re-claiming                              Vat reclaimed half yearly                                              None

                                Charging                                    Parish Council is not registered to charge VAT          n/a


Legal powers        Illegal activity                          All activities and payments within the Parish            None

                                                                                    Councils power are resolved and minuted at

                                                                                    full council meetings.  S 137 payments noted


Minutes                 Legality and accuracy            Minutes are approved and signed at next council    None

Agendas                                                                    meeting.  Agendas and Notices are displayed

Notices                                                                       in accordance with legal requirements


Members               Register of Interests                Declarations of Interest should remain on the           Members

Interests                                                                     agenda.  Register of Interest forms should be            responsible

                                                                                    reviewed regularly by councillors                 for updating


Insurance              Adequacy                                Public Liability, Employers and Employee liability   Review

   cover and Fidelity Insurance are mandatory.             Annually

                                                                                   Increased limit on Fidelity Guarantee is in place       

                                                                                   Personal accident cover is in place

1.       Physical

Assets                     Loss, damage, risk                 Annual review of assets for insurance purposes          Review

to third parties                        including maintenance, storage provisions                   annually


Notice Boards      Damage/injury to third         All locations have approval by relevant parties,         Review

Bus shelter            Parties                                      insurance cover and are inspected weekly with           annually

                                                                                  report submitted to Clerk


Play area/              Damage/injury                       Children’s play area inspected weekly and report      Review

Play equipment                                                      submitted to Clerk.  Annual RoPSA safety in-            Insurance

                                                                                  spection undertaken by Playsafety Ltd  and                               annually

                                                                                  report submitted.  Any required action undertaken

                                                                                  promptly.  Insurance cover.


Allotment land     Damage/                                 Allotments are accessed from Recreation ground      None

Access by vehicles                 on foot or from A228 by car via locked gate                             

                                Water                                       to which only allotment holders and parish

  council have a key.  All allotment holders must

  sign an agreement which regulates use of the plots.

  All allotment holders have a key for the water tap


Recreation            Damage/Injury                      Parish council owns the football pitches and cricket  None

Ground                                                                    pitch.  Users of the grounds made aware of and

                                                                                  accept their responsibilities, must avoid dangerous

                                                                                  situations and obey health and safety legislation.

                                                                                  Users responsible for insurance cover


Village Hall &       Damage/Injury                    Adequate insurance cover.                                                Review

Sports Pavilion                                                     Parish Council representation on MVH Management                Insurance

(MVH Manage-                                                   Committee to ensure proper procedures with regard   cover

ment committee                                                  to Health and Safety are followed                                  annually


War Memorial     Damage/Injury                    Responsibility for structure adopted by Parish              Review

                                                                                Council and added to insurance policy                           Annually




Risk Assessment Reviewed annually - last review October 2011 



Risk assessment is a general examination of working conditions, workplace activities and environmental factors that enable the identification of potential risks inherent in the place or practices.  The Parish Council should then take all practical and necessary steps to reduce or eliminate the risks, as far as is practically possible. 


This document should enable the Parish Council to assess the risks that it faces and satisfy itself that it has taken adequate steps to minimise them.                                 Gill Kirby     20.11.08


1.       Financial /Management

Subject                  Risk identified                          Management/Control of risk                                 Action req’d


Precept                   Adequacy of Precept               PC has Regular budget information                          None     

                                                                                     Estimates are prepared and precept

     agreed by full council.


                                Non receipt of precept/            Precept/grants are requested in writing                       None

Grants                                         from TMBC by Clerk prior to     

                                                                                     deadline date and paid directly into

                                                                                     PC bank account in two halves


Financial records                      PC is to consider formally adopting                            None

     financial regulations which set

     out the Requirements.

     All financial records are kept by

     The Clerk and internal audits take

     Place twice yearly.  End of year Audit

     Undertaken by Audit Commission


Banking                 Loss of cheques                        Cheques received are recorded by Clerk                    None

                                Bank mistakes                          and banked promptly.  Monthly bank                                                                       Charges                                      statements are checked by Clerk on



Cash/Petty cash   Theft or dishonesty                 There is no cash or petty cash                                       n/a